Mr. Snow Man?

As I drove to work I saw this...

...Needless to say it was a picture moment!


Snow Day!

Yesterday, due to freezing rain and 9 inches of snow, Edgewood College closed its doors and gave everyone the day off! It was wonderful to sleep in until 11. To stay in my pajamas all day. To venture outside only to take photos with my amazing Canon Rebel XS. To finish a paper and make a major dent into a project. To tidy up my kitchen. And to catch up with some friends whom I haven't talked in a while.

Pictures coming soon...


10 Things that Go Missing

1. My planner...you would think the one thing that allows me to know what is going on would be something that I would never be misplaced. Well, think again.
2. Socks...I swear that the drying is eating them or they are growing legs and walking away!
3. Sticky Notes...I write a ton of noted to myself. It is so frustrating when you wrote yourself a note and left it somewhere to remind you of something and then when you need to be reminded you can't find the note to remind you.
4. Words...I often can not remember a word (I know it happens to everyone), but at 21 years of age it should not be happening this _____, what is the word I am looking for? That's right...often!
5. Eye Brow Pluckers...Everytime I need to pluck I have to buy a new one because my old one is MIA!
6. Jewelery...I really don't want to get started on this.
7. Money...So, it really don't go missing, but it does drain sometimes surprisingly quick.
8. Time...Too many things to do with too little time to do it! The worst is when I go to my moms for a long weekend and it seems like a couple of minutes later I am having to leave.
9. Reciepts...I am not good at keeping track of them...and when I try it seems like my wallet is busting at the seams, but that one I am looking for itsn't there.
10. Taking time to smell the roses...between school and work my fun times are missing from my life. I need to remember to not live to work, but work to live.


In You Alone...

The sermon this morning was a blessing to me. Recently I have been struggling in my relationship with Christ. I have been going through a time of suffering. I also have been allowing bitterness to grow into anger. Towards others, but mainly toward God. The sermon was based out of Acts 5:27-42 and was title God's Saving Purposes Prevail Through Joyful Suffering. I knew as soon as I sat down I was in for it. Here were the four main points:

1. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they rejoice in doing the will of God.
2. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they have been saved by a suffering and exulted Savior.
3. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they know God determines the amount and kind of suffering.
4. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because their highest joy is Christ.

Needless to say, I fall short in so many ways. I often do not rejoice in doing the will of God. I look at it as an obligation that I must fulfill. I am often angry and bitter towards God about the amount and kind of suffering that He allows to happen in my life. I also, ashamedly, do not find my highest joy in Christ. I find it in things that will someday parish. Although I know I lake so much. Christ has died for me. He has been the sacrifice. I know that I do nothing in myself that pleases God. The only thing about me that God has delight in is Christ. For the first time in a long time I want Christ. I wish I lived by a mountain because I feel like climbing one and shouting his name to all the nations! What an amazing God I have!

"Seeking you like a precious jewel
Lord to give up I'd be a foul
You are my all in all"


A Little Late on Giving Thanks

I realize that Thanksgiving as come and gone...

I was being lazy and had my nose in a book the whole weekend. I have so much to be thankful for. I have been given so much. I have been given a wonderful education. I have an amazing job that allows me to pay by bills. I have very good friends who keep it real. I have been given a family who lives me for who I am. A mom who is my best friend. The chance to follow my dreams and conquer the world. Last, but not least, I have a Lord who has given himself for me.


10 Things I Need to Do to Finish the Semester

1. Eat, sleep and try to be merry
2. Write two papers
3. Interview three more people for one of the two papers
4. Work every weekday in the next two weeks...40ish hours total
5. Take five exams
6. Move...pack, plan, store
7. Shop for a couple gifts I still need to get
8. Write my proposal for my independent study
9. Apply to study abroad in Northern Ireland
10. Not go crazy!!!


Flying By...

School is flying by.
Nearly there...
Nearly to the end of another semester.
Trying to stay strong.
Trying to get through the terbulant winds of papers, projects and exams.

Soon I will land.
Soon rest will come.


A Lit. Class Taught by a Nun?

I have registered for my Spring 2009 classes. It feels great to think that my college career is winding down. One year left and the last half of the year will hopefully be in Ireland! One of the last required courses that I need to take is literature. I am working part time, which means that the only lit class I could fit comfortably in my schedule was a Wednesday night lit course taught my a nun. I do not have anything against nuns. I respect the commitment that they have made to their faith. I personally couldn't do it. I just am seriously concerned about the type of books I am going to have to read. It isn't a topical class, so it is whatever the prof picks. I am seeing titles like "Devotions of St. Mary of Cape Town" pass through my head! What non-Edgewood College people do not understand is that the nuns here are not typical nuns. They are liberal Dominican nuns. This causes a little more concern. How can I say that I disagree on a moral level with someone who have devoted their whole life to something. It will be very hard. My hope is that maybe she will pick guilty pleasure books that have nothing to do with religion and nothing to do with Dominican values. There isn't anything wrong with wishful thinking. Right? Whatever this class ends up being...I am sure it is going to be a character building experience.


10 Things I LOVE About the Holiday

1. Jesus
The true reason for Christmas is that God sent his son to this earth to save the world! How wonderful it is that we get to worship him for calling us into his fold!

2. The Cheer
The Holiday’s are like drugs! If you have the right perspective on life (“be anxious in nothing”) you will have the cheer needed during the holidays.

3. Family
I love spending time with my family. Everyone is typically on best behavior and we always have a lot of fun. I love going to waking up to the noises of those you love (I didn’t when I lived with my mom all the time, but now that I live on my own I am really cherishing it).

4. No School
No Homework, No Tests, No Stress

5. The Lights
My mom and I started a tradition of going to River Side Park to see the Christmas lights! I am really excited to go again this year. Maybe we can go listen to a concert or two!

6. Presents
I am just being honest!

7. The Only Time I Like Having Snow on the Ground
I love having a White Christmas! After New Years the snow gets old!

8. My Grandma’s Good Cookin’
My grandma still wears a sweeter that we bought her years ago that says, “ Grandma’s Rules: 1. Come Often 2. Eat Lots 3. Leave Early” I try to obey the first two rules. The third rule can be a little hard, but thankfully she isn’t much of a disciplinarian.

9. Giving Gifts
I love finding the perfect gift for someone and then seeing their face light up when they open it!

10. The Music
I love Christmas Music. I do have a rule that I have to wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to it! I am not about to rush my life by not enjoying each holiday!



I have always wanted to do it! For really pointless reasons I have never had it done. I have made a recent commitment to be myself (all the good, bad and ugly) all the time,therefore I decided to be true to myself and symbolize this recent commitment to be 100% me by...

...getting my nose pierced!

Very few people have noticed. I even went to dinner with my dad last night
and he didn't notice until I told him. (Of course he had a couple of
things to say, but he got atattoo a while back. Therefore, his argument is not legitimate.)


10 Ways I Procrastinate

1.Facebook…need I say more?
3.Playing games on my iPhone.
4.Watching TV…Gossip Girls, House, Kitchen Nightmares, The Mentalist and Desperate Housewives are my current must guilty pleasures.
5.Talking on the phone has always quenched my need for doing anything productive, but discovery of bluetooths have changed that a little…or at least made it possible for me to do something productive while talking…not saying I actually do it!
6.Watching Movies…I watched Phantom of the Opera twice last week!
7.Reading a Book…this may sound good, but when you are in college you need to be reading text books, not the Ugly series!
8.Going for Drives...I don’t do this a whole lot, but every once in a while I get in my car and drive in the country…it helps me think.
9.Cleaning when I should be studying…this may not seem like a waste of time, but I always go on a cleaning spree when I should be studying for an exam. In the end I think it helps me study for the exam because the house is clean, but it just seems to me to be a waste of time when I need to spend time on something that matters!
10.Thinking up fairy tales in my head…all I can say is that I am a true romantic at heart!


Give Away!!

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I love when my mom and I go on car rides. We have some of the best and most important talks while driving in the car. I remember when I was in high school and I was having a really hard day my mom and I would go for a ride in her Jeep and talk about things. Living so far from my mom now, those times when we escape from the house and talk about life are limited. The tree above is along the Mississippi outside of my moms work. While we were having one of our "get out of the house and talk" talks, we walked passed this tree. It reminds me of me. I have a firm foundation in God and have a a system of roots that help me stay intact (my mom), but I also am growing out and doing my own thing! I have a great root system that is allowing me to grow in ways that I could have never dreamed!


The Time Will Pass Me By

I was up studying until 12:30am. I got up to study at 6:00am. I took my exam at 8:00am. I had classes at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00am. I am ready for some sleep. I lay down in a corner comfy chair. The beauty of the crystal fall day is enchanting. I still want to sleep. No sleep. I get up. Work at 2:00. Go home by 7:00pm?


3 friends + good meal = a GREAT time

Liese and Joelle came up to Madison and we went to Bluephies and went down to State Street for Coffee!

($22 worth of iTunes music + bad computer skills = a waste of money)


10 Things I would Like to Learn:

1. How to quilt...I think it is such a treasured thing when you receive a gift such as a quilt that was made in love just for you!
2. How to live for Jesus every moment of everyday...I fall short of this so much. I would be the first person in line to by their Loving Jesus for Dummies book!
3. To take really nice photos
4. How moms with numerous children manage to do all that they do in one day and come out of it alive!
5. Where to find cheaper text books...my school charges an arm and a leg for one book! (suggestions welcome)
6. How to cook...I am all right, but I am not a "from scratch" type of cook...yet
7. How not to judge people right away...not that I hold my judgement on anyone, but I have a hard time not forming strong first impression!
8. How to me more loving and selfless towards the people in my life that have hurt me or that I have a hard time with...this is really hard for me!
9. Different Culture...anyone who knows me knows that I lobe traveling and spending time with people of different culture...hince my study abroad experiences
10. More about ME...I am just starting to figure myself out...I think I have been a little too scared to do this because when you start removing the layers it isn't always pretty...but I am enjoying the journey I am currently on!


Studying Abroad

I can't help but remember that a year ago I was sitting in the sun enjoying life in Ghana! It has been the highlight of my life! I have been wanting to study abroad again since the moments that I stepped off the plane back here in Madison! Well, I might be getting my chance. I am applying to study in Northern Ireland at Belfast Metropolitan College for the Fall 2009 semester! Please pray for me as I seek the Lord and His guidance!


Visual Update of My Life

My mom and I during Oktoberfest! I had a great time with my brother and mom this weekend...yummy brats too!

Me (My friend Joelle took this on her new camera)
This was taken at the barn dance!

A little girl from my church and me! She is such a little cutie! My church has a barn dance every fall! I love her pink cowgirl hat!

An amish woman selling baked goods to some Bikers! I got a good laugh out of this!
This was taken on a road trip my mom, grandma and I went on to drop my grandma off in IL for a week at her sisters house!

Horses from my visit to Old World Wisconsin!
I helped organize a trip to Old World Wisconsin with the First Year Forum I am co-teaching!


wisonsin sunset

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oktoberfest fun

This last weekend was Oktoberfest and I was able to spend the weekend with my mom and brother. On Friday we went down to the fair grounds and had a beer and listened to the polka music. It was amazing weather and a ton of fun! I was also able to have much needed mom time. You know when you are home when you feel so safe just to be yourself and let the things that have been building up inside of you to flow out. I am so thankful that I have a mom who will not just listen to my woes, but she is always wanting to do something to help or fix it(even when this gets me mad) it shows me how much she loves me.

With fall comes those sore throats and runny noses. I guess I am no exception to that tradition. Thankfully I was also able to get almost 12 hours of sleep last night...I feel asleep at 7:30 (that is a record)!


Life as I Know It

I realize it has been a while since I have blogged. To he honest it seems like I have lived a whole since then. I feel like I just need to do an update on on the life I have been living.

During the end of spring and through the first couple months of summer God used a couple of different things in my life to show me that I want just about anything more than I want Jesus as my Lord and King. I know that I still and most likely will never fully learn this lesson and to be honest a lot of me doesn't want to learn it because of how the circumstances that God brings into your life that are used to teach those lessons. It is just so hard. I know and desire to be at the place I should be at in my walk with the Lord. I hold unto the truth that all things are for good for those who are Gods chosen. I am so thankful for that promise!

I am in my third and final year at Edgewood College. I will be graduating in August. No I do not know what I am going to do after I graduate. The world is basically at my finger tips. Here are the options I am concidering: working for the man at a business (thinking about EPIC), Peace Corps, Missionary Work for a year or so, Work in a college setting doing what I am doing now. So, pretty much whatever is placed on my lap I will do! Does anyone have anything or any suggestion?

I am taking 19 credits and working part time on staff at the Center for Global Education as my school. I am really enjoying the challenges or being pushed a little harder than what I prefer, but it is amazing all things that can be done! The classes I am taking are Spanish (I can't wait for this to be over I am so happy it is my last semester), earth science, communication and civilazation, mass media studies, I am teaching a first year forum and I am doing my internship. It was a workout even thinking and typing all of this (I am on my new iPhone).

Now you are up to date on my life...more to come soon


Problematic Feet and Legs

Yesterday was a wonderful and beautiful day! A friend came up to visit me for the day and we went to Blue Mound State Park for a hike. The weather was wonderful and there was very few people on the trails! There were two lookout towers. The first was overlooking the countryside, which made me realize why I love this state so much. The second was the country, but you could see in the far off distance the State Capital. It was breath taking. I can say without a doubt that I look forward to doing more hiking in the future!

Here is the relation between the wonderful day of hiking and the title of this blog. I cannot remember the last time I have ever been this sore in my life. Not only am I sore, I have two really large blisters on the base of the my arches on my feet. It is sort of funny because even though I feel like I am waddling all over the office today, I still would love to relive yesterday ten times over...even if it means that I have ten more sore days!


DONE...for a week

I love the feeling of being done with a school year! Not only does that mean that summer and all of its brilliance is here, but it also means that one more year of my "school phase of life" is complete. This past year has been amazing! God has taught and shown be so much about myself and about him! Just thinking that I started off this school year in Africa is crazy! It was truly a life changing experience. This Spring semester has been a little rocky. I have a whole new meaning of culture shock! I have never felt that school has ever been this demanding.

Well, I guess this reflection is going to be short lived due to my summer school schedule (6 credits). I know this will be well worth it when I have that diploma in hand!


The Case of the Giggles

Have you ever gotten the case of the giggles? Where nothing that funny really happens, but it just ends up tickling you pink. That was me yesterday! I just couldn't stop. Everything going on around me was "SOOO" funny! Oh, I love a good case of the giggles.


Sometimes I Amaze Myself

School is school and it is never really a pretty picture! Today was a little different story! One of my classes has weekly quizzes so that we can stay on top of things and when our exams come we can be a little better prepared. You would think they wouldn't be too tough, but they are a lot harder than one would think. As my prof is preparing to hand out the quiz I get a brainy idea, since there was only six out of twenty some students in class we should be able to have a group quiz! I asked and she thought it was a brilliant idea! Let's just say we all got perfect scores! I would say that today's picture was like a Picasso or Rembrandt!

Side Note: A girl had walked in and asked if we had a quiz and once she found out we did she left...it really stinks to be her!



This isn't really a story, but more thoughts...so hang in there with me because sometimes my thoughts can be all over the board.

I just wanted to say that I had a great day yesterday! It has been the
nicest day (weather wise) since I have left Ghana on December 15th!
Four months I have wasted away in this tundra (okay okay...I haven't
been wasting away and Wisconsin really isn't that bad in winter...I
happen to like some aspects about winter, but I think you all get my
drift). Well, yesterday the Mongolia missions team (I don't know if I
mentioned this yet, but I am going to Mongolia this summer on a
missions team) at lunch together at a park. It was wonderful!!!! During
the summer a bunch of us get together every Sunday afternoon and play
volleyball! Too much fun! Well, yesterday was our second Sunday playing
and it was a cherryon top of an already amazing weekend!



A friend and I were talking the other day about sleeping habits and I asked him if he ever has one of those night when you wake up in the middle of it and just can't go back to sleep. What usually happens to me is I get really mad, I try to pray, and finally a couple of hours later I am able to go back to sleep. The next day is always horrible, but that is a way different story! Well, this friend of mine said that he didn't ever have any trouble sleeping through the night and in fact it had been several months since he had one of those sleepless nights.

(I missed seeing him at my mid-week Bible study because I went to see Wicked, the story of the two witches of Oz.)
This is what happened while I was gone...

...Another friend told me what had happened. For the past three nights, since we had the conversation, he has been waking up in the middle of the night and had not been able to fall back asleep! I know it might be a little mean to get great pleasure out of this, but it is really hard not to find amusement in the irony of the situation. Well, it lead everyone to believe that I MUST hold some powers and therefore it is very POSSIBLE I could be a witch (of course this is all joking and teasing)! I hope that you can sleep tight and not let those horrible bed bugs wake you up anymore :)


All Things...

In the last couple of days I have been holding unto this Bible truth...

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love
him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (NIV)

I don't like to be left in the dark on things and I really like it when
God makes things crystal clear (I sometimes joke about how I need a bog
blinking sign to confirm things to me), but in the last couple of weeks
some important things haven't been clear at all. I know God is in control
and I know that everything that happens to me is used as good in my
life to grow in Christ and to allow me to glorify God. We truly serve a
wonderful Savior!


Missing "Wallet"

I lost my "wallet" today without even knowing I have lost it. The ""
are because I never liked the term wallet when used for a girl. I have
recently called it my billfold, but everyone made fun of me for it. So,
I don't know what you call it, but I will settle of the quoted
wallet. At nine this morning I checked my email and there it was. An
email from my security department of my school informing me they have
my wallet! I am just thankful for whomever turned it in! Thanks to
you!!! Well, even if they tried to steal something from me I really
don't have anything to take. I am glad that I was spared the panic
feeling of having lost something sooo important and not knowing where it was!


I Got Everything I Wanted :)

So, you know the days that nothing really went your way? Well, Sunday was the day that everything went my way!

I really really wanted Mexican food. Truth being told in the last week
I have had three Mexican meals, so it was a little more than just a
want in my books! So, I lean over to a friend and say I think we should
do Mexican after Church. Low and behold someone else thought so too and
picked to go to ElChappalas!!!

Second, I have been wanting
to play volleyball since forever now! During the summer a bunch of us
on Sunday afternoons get together and play- too much fun! We ha done of
us scout out for the nets and low and behold-The nets were finally
up!!!! We got to play volleyball.

Third, I really wanted peanut butter and ice cream! I know I know! Weird and not the best, but I couldn't help it! Then I was asked if I wanted to go to the bachelor pad and have some ice cream! Three bachelors from my church all live together, which makes their home a bachelor pad! Not only was it ice cream, but it was peanut butter cup ice cream!!!

Yesterday was just one of those day!!!!


Wickedly Wicked

Have you all heard about the musical Wicked? If you haven't let me tell
you a little about it! It is the story about the witches of the Wizard
of Oz before Dorthy came in her tornado. It is WONDERFUL!!! And it is
TOO MUCH FUN!!! I LOVE IT! (So, you don't think I am going off the
handle about something I haven't seen...I have seen it once before)

school announced that they have forty tickets on sale for $20.00!!!
This includes ticket and transportation!!! It is a complete deal,
considering that tickets are around $100normally and it is in
Chicago!!! So, the tickets were supposed to go on sale at 9 am this
morning. So I got to the office where they were being sold at 8:50! It
turns out the they had started to sell them early and by the time that
I get to the front of the line I might not be able to get my two
tickets. I was really reallydisappointed , because as you read above I
really really really like this musical! Well, turns out they miscounted
the sales of the tickets and I got the LAST TWO Tickets!! I felt like
Willy in WillyWonka! I've got the last two tickets (I sang that in my head as I wrote it)!


Funny Story from the Past...

I was reminded of this story about a week ago when I was driving back to Madison from Bible study and I have had a couple of laughs about it since.

Over a year ago my friend and I went to State Street in Madison for dinner. We picked this little Italian restaurant that has huge windows right on the street. I am a self-confessed people watcher, so big windows in a restaurant can be a deal breaker for me! We sat at this little table, mind you when I say little it was about the size of an end table you place next to your couch or living room chair. It was really cute at first because there was a nice little candle on it and it just seemed so personal and fun! Then they gave us bread in a basket wrapped in a cloth napkin and oil with herbs. Yummy! I made it through the first piece of bread alright, but of course you can't stop at one! I open the napkin to get the bread and continue to talk to my friend about whatever the topic was. Then I look down. I had opened the cloth napkin right into the fire!!!! We blew out the fire and blew out the candle. After a minute of recovery time, we had a good laugh at it! These are things that I refer to spices of life, if they didn't happen it sure would be boring.


Burn in the last Five

Yesterday was the first day back from Spring Break and I had to work at Wingra
Cafe from 5-8:30. The time crept by last night to the point that I
started a count down to the time I left. An Hour. Now Thirty Minutes.
Oh, Ten! Then finally I had only five minutes left. I didn't know what
to do with myself. My work was pretty much done, but I had to do
something for the last five minutes or else it would feel like an hour.
The I got the idea to check on the pizza's. This shouldn't have been my
normal job, but I thought I would help someone else out. Oh, there was
one in the far back corner of the pizza oven that was ready to come
out. I get the tray and I try to reach over the not ready pizza and
then ithappened . With the slightest touch and a sharp pain, I burnt my
arm on the pizza oven. It is actually not a very good burn, but it has
a design to it. It reminds me of the flight wings that the airlines
give out the little children who are flying on the plain. Maybe I can
pass for a pilot now.


Are those Love Bunnies?

My grandma is known for her table center peices that adorn our family table at our holiday meals. This time she had a plate with a ton of candy and eggs surrounding this (what I am thinking is either kindergarden art work or extremely abstract) statue of two "bunnies" hugging. I was shocked. She exclaimed that she thought is was cute. I just agreed for the sake of agreeing. (I am picking my battles) Upon closer inspection the space between their legs has been painted in an acward heart looking thing. At that point I dies laughing. All I could think was my grandma has made the center of our table into a love bunny display. I am wondering what she has up her sleave for mothers day???


Slices of Life- Ice Cream

Spring weather is no longer in Wisconsin, but every ounce of my body is craving for it to come back! I am craving it in other ways. Summer foods. With a couple of inches of snow on the ground I climbed out of my layer and cleaned off my car. One thing was commanding my motions, a huge craving for ice cream. As I looked at the menu at DQ the only thing that looked as if it could control the craving was a waffle bowl chocolate strawberry sundae. I am so thankful that I am sitting here in my warm house thinking upon the many more days of warm weather and ice cream, it gives me a sense that I can actually make it!


Slices of Life - Is that the Doorbell?

I had an exam today in my Interpersonal Communications course. I sat down took a large breath and started in on the exam. As I was trying to answer on of the multiple choice questions I thought I heard a doorbell. As a matter of fact everyone thought they heard a doorbell. After a couple of laughs and "I have no idea where that came from comments" I realized that it was my computer that rang. My computer was turning itself off!!! I was in a state of laughing at myself and also embarrassment. I had to reread the question at least five times before I could even look at the answers. It wasn't until after the exam I realized no one knew I had created the noise and that I didn't have a reason to be embarrassed...silly me!


Slices of Life

I have been going through this semester without a planner! I just haven't found one that I liked and then I got this grand idea that I should just make my own little planner sheets I keep in my five subject notebook. Can I say, "bad idea". I have not felt like I have been on top of things in the last two months. So, at target I found the perfect planner. It is a light olive green and has the seasons broken up into different colors. I feel whole again, like I haven't been myself for a long time and now I have come to this great personal epiphany! Can I say, "boost of confidence in the school arena".



This is where my thoughts will be when this snow storm hits...



I hate it when I slip up and tell someone something that I shouldn't have said. Not that it was wrong, but in fear of it being told to others and the fear of it getting turned around on me! I have spent a great amount of time praying that God would take the situation for what it is and that I can rest in His arms that anything that comes of it God will turn into good. I just sure wish that I didn't do these little oppsie's all the time! Just being able to type out this fear, mainly because I can't do anything about it, is helping me calm my nerves. God is in control of even this little situation! I just hope that he doesn't make me learn any hard lessons because of it. Arg...I hate this!


Kendall, Kristin and I at a Tex Mex Irish Pub in Ghana!

Myself on the Beach!

The beach resort in Anamambo!

The largest natural lake in West Africa. Those are boats made from a tree log that men paddle in the lake to fish.

A water lily in the lily pond infront of Balm Library on the University of Ghana Campus.


Thinking on These:

I am going through one of those times when God stretches and pulls...and somehow I come out better than before (or at least that is the goal). Well, frankly I sort of just want it to be over, but until then God has given me a few things to ponder...

"Work on what is real rather than worry about what is unreal.
Reach forward and press on rather than remaining a prisoner of the past.
Believe the truths of the Bible rather than our emotions.
Act on what is revealed through Scripture rather than on what appears to be."
~Elizabeth George

"if we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleans us from all unrighteousness" ~John 1:9
"...you and I are forgiven regaurdless of our feelings and thoughts"
~Elizabeth George

"let not our longing slay the appetite of our living"
~Jim Elliot

"Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing, Give Thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of Gos in Christ Jesus for you." ~1 Thes. 5:16-18


School, Work, Apartment, and God

I sat all Christmas break waiting for this day. Now that it is here I am a little curious to why I thought it would be so great. I think going to Africa has clouded my vision of reality when it comes to school. I have forgotten about homework, regularyly going to class, classroom discussions, tests and quizes. I have forgotten how the miles long walks in the hot sun of Africa are nothing compared to the jog accross a parking lot in the freezing tundra of Wisconsin winter. I hope that I can keep up with everything...but in the large picture of things, as Pastor John has been reminding me, none of this really matters. Just glorifying God by enjoying Him forever!

I got a new job! I am working in the International Studies Office on campus. I will be doing some of the typical office work as a student worker and than I will be train in Student Advising. Basically I will be the gateway for students who want to study abroad. I will be going over and forming goals with them, narrowing down where they want to study and just spending time talking with them to see if they are ready and in a good position to study abroad. I am so excited that I get to be a part of giving someone the experience that I just had.

I am all moved in! Thanks goes out to Mike (who basically organized my whole move for me), Andy (who made two trips to Madison to help me out with them move when he wasn't planning on it), Josh, Paul, Joelle and my Mom! I am so thankful that I got this help, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! Thank you also to Liese who gave the my wonderful couch! Thanks!

So, about my apartment. It is so nice and cozy. It feels like home. I have a little more work to do on the bedroom, but I am still working away on it. I am very thankful that I can have such a nice place to live.

For the last little while I have been through a slump. Things have just been going and I have been letting my mind slip into a series of what-ifs that have really hindered my thoughts. On Sunday I was reminded that nothing in life apart from the glory of God is anywhere near important to a Christian. That my goals (getting married, graduating College on the Dean's List, having children) are not going to stand up to the eternal flames of God. That I need to be living my life for His glory and His glory alone.
Also, I started to read on of Elizabeth Georges books (the name I do not remember) and something she said was to have a mind that is thinking on truth is a mind that is not focused on the imaganery, but dwells within reality. I have a huge problem with doing this. I almost play pretend in my head. Also, I majorly read into what people do and say. This only creates problems in the relationships I have. I need to always think that peoples motives and intentions are pure and true. All I need to worry about is if I am in sin and trust that God's word is true when he says that he will bring that to light in my life. It feels so good to be growing and learning.