HAPPY 31st WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to DR. Ed and CHERIE! Thank you for all the kindness and love you have shown to me. God poured blessing on me when you two entered into my life. May He bless you for the next 31! In Him Katie


And don't it feel good?

Today I got back my first quiz here at Edgewood. I was sort of scared because I felt like I didn't do as well as what I was hoping. It was in my Ethics/ Logic class and I feel like I am not getting the subject matter at all. Well, turns out...I am getting it so says my Quiz. I just want to thank God that I got a 25/25 on my quiz. I know He helped my and I am ever so thankful for that...


a car thing

If I was not a rational person, whom I think I am. I would give up the use of cars completely. All that they do is cause headache after headache and paycheck after paycheck. My dad was kind enough this summer to buy me a car, which has successfully nickeled and dimed me to near bankrupt this summer. This time my breaks are almost gone. One minute everything is fine and then I call home and was told that on the way home from dropping me off at school my cars breaks were nearly all gone. This brings to my point that maybe I should sell the nickling diming car and start a new kind of life of walking and bike riding and never leaving the area of Wisconsin that would be outside of my walking distance!



Have you noticed the weather this weekend? Does it remind you of the grim reality that summer may officially be over and the harsh winter is sniping at our heals? These have been my dreaded thoughts over this last weekend. And I am forced to think about God in his sovereignty made the world to do this. Not only for his enjoyment for mine as well. I do enjoy summer much better though, but I am inclined to think of all the things I will enjoy about this winter. In hopes that my spirits will be lifted as I prepare to be taken over by the cold! I love making a perfectly plump snowball and throwing it at my unsuspecting mom or brother. I like covering up with a heap of blankets (all of which have some sort of sentimental value) and enjoy my moms fake fire heater. I love the idea of making coffee with no other purpose than to make me warm! I will get a well deserved break from my college career. Oh, and maybe the best of all. Christmas. I do love Christmas. The whole world changes at that time of the year. I am so thankful that Jesus came to die for me and I am so thankful I know the truth in order to worship Him! So, all in all I am somewhat excited about this grim realty and shouldn’t I rejoice in everything? With that reminder I am determined to rejoice in winter and be glad in it.


Counting My Blessings

I want to count my blessing thus far…(I am going to try to do this every couple of weeks or so just to keep everyone up to date on answered prayer or just little things that have been going on that I have counted a blessing)
  • I am blessed because I have gotten a roomie who is compatible and who allows me to openly express my faith and opinion
  • I am blessed because that God as answered my pray in allowing me to get into Edgewood
  • I am blessed because God has answered my prayers to strengthen my relationship with my mom
  • I am blessed because I have a church family who is supporting me, who loves me, and who I loves the Lord
  • I am blessed because I have a wonderful apartment
  • I am so blessed because I am alive and living my life trying to please the Lord
  • I am so blessed because I was able to buy a bunch of sunflowers to cheer me up for under three dollars


A little fun was the trick

I, Katie, am no longer paralyzed by the thought of going out at night in Madison. Of course I would never do this by myself. But, last night Barb P (from church) and I went out on State Street to this stellar Mediterranean and Afghanistan Eatery. It was Amazing. I got Moroccan Lemon Chicken. It had green olives, potatoes, lemons, and all sorts of herbs and goodies. We also got an amazing appetizer! I do not know what it was, but I do want it again. I truly hate just raving about food, but I truly feel in love with this place! Also, I feel in love a little more with Madison and the night life. Give and take it was a Wednesday night, but it still was at night. If you ever get a chance to check this place out… go four it. Oh, we also hit up Cold Stone on the way out. You have never had ice cream until you have had ice cream from Cold Stone. Now I am hungry…arrrrgh I think I should just stop before I start. u'all have a nite


Frederick Douglas...

In a class, Social Movement in American History, we are required to read his autobiography. I am learning a great deal about faith in God through this book. I have never had a major testing of neither my faith nor any true persecution for it. If I were being beaten and worked half to death would I truly believe in a God? Would I give Him credit when good things happen in that situation? It would be hard, but I know He is faithful and He will be with me always. So, in that I am comforted.
On a different note, it is such a beautiful morning! I am so happy that I got up to see it. It is also a quite morning. I am not used to all the noise here in Madison yet, so to wake up and not hear any honking is amazing to me. I also have this tree right out my window that I am about eye level with the top of it. I love this tree and I am so glad for it. It's like a little piece of country in a huge concrete jungle.


A New Thing

I am so excited about starting sharing my thought, ideas and even some funny stories. I want to share my life verse with you all : Psalms 27:4 One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.
I hope this was a blessing to you as it is to me. He is such a strong place. I am so happy to have a precious relationship with Him. Also, a funny story. Right now I am living in Madison while I go to school. Since I just moved here I am trying to get used to the Metro system. I know how to get to and from school.(it is only about 10ish blocks...so it isn't that great of a feat, but to me it is an accomplishment) well, yesterday I was waiting for the bus and a lady started to talk to me. I thought, ohhhhh a friendly person. I was rather happy because no one here has been friendly (no one says hello when you pass, well now I think of it no one even looks at you). So, sure enough here comes bus number three. She gets on first. They bus driver mean while is eating something, with a fork, while driving the bus(made me a little nervous). So, she goes in to scan her Metro card and the driver jokingly offered her a piece of Cauliflower. Now in this situation I would have just said," yeah sure" The to key to how I would have said it would make it a joke back...like yeah, in your dreams maybe. Well, this lady said sure and she was actually serious. Next thing i know she is diving for his piece of cauliflower. The bus driver is trying to tell her he was just joking, but this lady really wanted the cauliflower. Well, lets just say my bus driver ended up feeding this lady his piece of Cauliflower. Then i started to think that the only reason this lady was talking to me is because she is crazy. So, next time a random person here in Madison talks to me... I think I will be a little less eager to communicate back.