This is where my thoughts will be when this snow storm hits...



I hate it when I slip up and tell someone something that I shouldn't have said. Not that it was wrong, but in fear of it being told to others and the fear of it getting turned around on me! I have spent a great amount of time praying that God would take the situation for what it is and that I can rest in His arms that anything that comes of it God will turn into good. I just sure wish that I didn't do these little oppsie's all the time! Just being able to type out this fear, mainly because I can't do anything about it, is helping me calm my nerves. God is in control of even this little situation! I just hope that he doesn't make me learn any hard lessons because of it. Arg...I hate this!


Kendall, Kristin and I at a Tex Mex Irish Pub in Ghana!

Myself on the Beach!

The beach resort in Anamambo!

The largest natural lake in West Africa. Those are boats made from a tree log that men paddle in the lake to fish.

A water lily in the lily pond infront of Balm Library on the University of Ghana Campus.