The Windy (Cold) City

Last weekend I went to Chicago with two dear friends of mine! We stayed right by Michigan Ave. and did a lot of shopping and sight seeing! It was a great escape in the middle of a crazy semester!



It is way too late to be up. I have been spending the last couple of weeks thinking. Thinking about everything that is being piled on my shrinking plate. That it seems like the work of many instead of just one.
Thinking about faith and what it all means. I have been feeling really disconnected with the people who I have come to love and value, yet I feel more connected with my personal walk and journey. I don't know why that is. Maybe it is because I am being led away to something new, fresh. Only time will tell.
Thinking about Ireland. Holding my breath until I hear the word. I am craving this adventure from the tips of my toes to the highest hair on my head. I know that whatever will happen will be for the best, yet I get this feeling of heartache when I think of being passed over.
Thinking about my past. The people who have been threaded into my life's tapestry. Many of them are woven in more than once. The bright colors. The dark grays. So many people have impacted me. The amazing purpose behind each other. The amazing piece of art it has created.
Just Thinking...



Today is the day that I have been waiting for. Although I know it will not last, it is still a little gem that is part of the treasure that is in store. The warmth of the sun kisses me through the light breeze. My toes are joyfully wiggling in their temporary freedom. I can close my eyes and breathe in the moment. The smells are fresh yet moist; refreshment at its fullest. Today has been the day I have been waiting for.


Ugly Trees, Fun Art

Walking down state street I found myself looking up! I saw shoes and a orange cone in the trees. Although I see that uniqueness in that, I do not like littering. It is ugly to me when someone purposely leaves their unwanted goods for other to see and discard. However they did make for some fun photo editing...

Family Fun in Madison

These are a couple of weeks old. Better late than never, right? My mom came down for the weekend and my brother came up for a day!

We enjoyed some local Wisconsin Cheese.

My mom and I went on a winter wonderland drive.

Wisconsin's Capital.

Signs on the back of a sign at The Old Fashion.

State Street.

Wisconsin's State Capital.

A church by State Street.