A Lit. Class Taught by a Nun?

I have registered for my Spring 2009 classes. It feels great to think that my college career is winding down. One year left and the last half of the year will hopefully be in Ireland! One of the last required courses that I need to take is literature. I am working part time, which means that the only lit class I could fit comfortably in my schedule was a Wednesday night lit course taught my a nun. I do not have anything against nuns. I respect the commitment that they have made to their faith. I personally couldn't do it. I just am seriously concerned about the type of books I am going to have to read. It isn't a topical class, so it is whatever the prof picks. I am seeing titles like "Devotions of St. Mary of Cape Town" pass through my head! What non-Edgewood College people do not understand is that the nuns here are not typical nuns. They are liberal Dominican nuns. This causes a little more concern. How can I say that I disagree on a moral level with someone who have devoted their whole life to something. It will be very hard. My hope is that maybe she will pick guilty pleasure books that have nothing to do with religion and nothing to do with Dominican values. There isn't anything wrong with wishful thinking. Right? Whatever this class ends up being...I am sure it is going to be a character building experience.


10 Things I LOVE About the Holiday

1. Jesus
The true reason for Christmas is that God sent his son to this earth to save the world! How wonderful it is that we get to worship him for calling us into his fold!

2. The Cheer
The Holiday’s are like drugs! If you have the right perspective on life (“be anxious in nothing”) you will have the cheer needed during the holidays.

3. Family
I love spending time with my family. Everyone is typically on best behavior and we always have a lot of fun. I love going to waking up to the noises of those you love (I didn’t when I lived with my mom all the time, but now that I live on my own I am really cherishing it).

4. No School
No Homework, No Tests, No Stress

5. The Lights
My mom and I started a tradition of going to River Side Park to see the Christmas lights! I am really excited to go again this year. Maybe we can go listen to a concert or two!

6. Presents
I am just being honest!

7. The Only Time I Like Having Snow on the Ground
I love having a White Christmas! After New Years the snow gets old!

8. My Grandma’s Good Cookin’
My grandma still wears a sweeter that we bought her years ago that says, “ Grandma’s Rules: 1. Come Often 2. Eat Lots 3. Leave Early” I try to obey the first two rules. The third rule can be a little hard, but thankfully she isn’t much of a disciplinarian.

9. Giving Gifts
I love finding the perfect gift for someone and then seeing their face light up when they open it!

10. The Music
I love Christmas Music. I do have a rule that I have to wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to it! I am not about to rush my life by not enjoying each holiday!



I have always wanted to do it! For really pointless reasons I have never had it done. I have made a recent commitment to be myself (all the good, bad and ugly) all the time,therefore I decided to be true to myself and symbolize this recent commitment to be 100% me by...

...getting my nose pierced!

Very few people have noticed. I even went to dinner with my dad last night
and he didn't notice until I told him. (Of course he had a couple of
things to say, but he got atattoo a while back. Therefore, his argument is not legitimate.)


10 Ways I Procrastinate

1.Facebook…need I say more?
3.Playing games on my iPhone.
4.Watching TV…Gossip Girls, House, Kitchen Nightmares, The Mentalist and Desperate Housewives are my current must guilty pleasures.
5.Talking on the phone has always quenched my need for doing anything productive, but discovery of bluetooths have changed that a little…or at least made it possible for me to do something productive while talking…not saying I actually do it!
6.Watching Movies…I watched Phantom of the Opera twice last week!
7.Reading a Book…this may sound good, but when you are in college you need to be reading text books, not the Ugly series!
8.Going for Drives...I don’t do this a whole lot, but every once in a while I get in my car and drive in the country…it helps me think.
9.Cleaning when I should be studying…this may not seem like a waste of time, but I always go on a cleaning spree when I should be studying for an exam. In the end I think it helps me study for the exam because the house is clean, but it just seems to me to be a waste of time when I need to spend time on something that matters!
10.Thinking up fairy tales in my head…all I can say is that I am a true romantic at heart!


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I love when my mom and I go on car rides. We have some of the best and most important talks while driving in the car. I remember when I was in high school and I was having a really hard day my mom and I would go for a ride in her Jeep and talk about things. Living so far from my mom now, those times when we escape from the house and talk about life are limited. The tree above is along the Mississippi outside of my moms work. While we were having one of our "get out of the house and talk" talks, we walked passed this tree. It reminds me of me. I have a firm foundation in God and have a a system of roots that help me stay intact (my mom), but I also am growing out and doing my own thing! I have a great root system that is allowing me to grow in ways that I could have never dreamed!


The Time Will Pass Me By

I was up studying until 12:30am. I got up to study at 6:00am. I took my exam at 8:00am. I had classes at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00am. I am ready for some sleep. I lay down in a corner comfy chair. The beauty of the crystal fall day is enchanting. I still want to sleep. No sleep. I get up. Work at 2:00. Go home by 7:00pm?


3 friends + good meal = a GREAT time

Liese and Joelle came up to Madison and we went to Bluephies and went down to State Street for Coffee!

($22 worth of iTunes music + bad computer skills = a waste of money)


10 Things I would Like to Learn:

1. How to quilt...I think it is such a treasured thing when you receive a gift such as a quilt that was made in love just for you!
2. How to live for Jesus every moment of everyday...I fall short of this so much. I would be the first person in line to by their Loving Jesus for Dummies book!
3. To take really nice photos
4. How moms with numerous children manage to do all that they do in one day and come out of it alive!
5. Where to find cheaper text books...my school charges an arm and a leg for one book! (suggestions welcome)
6. How to cook...I am all right, but I am not a "from scratch" type of cook...yet
7. How not to judge people right away...not that I hold my judgement on anyone, but I have a hard time not forming strong first impression!
8. How to me more loving and selfless towards the people in my life that have hurt me or that I have a hard time with...this is really hard for me!
9. Different Culture...anyone who knows me knows that I lobe traveling and spending time with people of different culture...hince my study abroad experiences
10. More about ME...I am just starting to figure myself out...I think I have been a little too scared to do this because when you start removing the layers it isn't always pretty...but I am enjoying the journey I am currently on!


Studying Abroad

I can't help but remember that a year ago I was sitting in the sun enjoying life in Ghana! It has been the highlight of my life! I have been wanting to study abroad again since the moments that I stepped off the plane back here in Madison! Well, I might be getting my chance. I am applying to study in Northern Ireland at Belfast Metropolitan College for the Fall 2009 semester! Please pray for me as I seek the Lord and His guidance!