It Was a Zoo-Rific Time

Several ladies from my ladie's bible study came up to Madison today with all the little girls in their lives! It was great to share this afternoon with them!


Pray for Patience

On Saturday this little girl, Patience, was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. At this point it looks like she will live, but brain damage is a large probability. Please pray for God's mercy and healing! Pray for her mom and dad, Charity and Fred, and the four other children in the family.

Also, join the "Prayer for Patience" facebook group and join people in praying for her.


Mom's Dream

My mom just bought her first home and the gardens are breathtaking...

My mom is truly living a dream!


There is Something Wrong with This Picture...

I don't know why this event pushed my button, but deep down inside I am still very annoyed. It might be because when I finally am done with work and class and I head home I often have to search for a parking spot on a nearby street. (Parking is eighty dollars a month at my apartment complex, so I am doing the street parking right now). It sometimes takes me 10 to 15 minutes to find a spot and depending on its location I have tiresome walk to my apartment, five flights of stairs to take and a hall to walk down. I think that being in my shoes and seeing this right next to my apartment complex (seriously...no long walk with this spot) anyone would be a little upset...

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. There is a little yellow moped taking up 1 1/2 parking spots. Is it illegal to move it three feet to the right, yes! It is illegal to move it with the front end of your car, yes! (although I did think of doing this and saying opps...Didn't see it...maybe they shouldn't have parked there...I didn't of course). I wouldn't mind if someone else, who didn't have the same reservations I have, would come along and take care of this parking problem...


How Long Do I Have To Wait?

I feel like waiting for Ireland is going to be too much for me! Two of my friends just returned and the photos are just amazing! Enjoy...