Only One Month Left?!?!

It doesn't seem in the least bit possible that I would only have one month left in Ghana, but as I look in my daily planner in blue ink there it is. One More Month! I was sick when I wrote in my daily and monthly count downs until I return home.

I am really happy to be getting home, but I know it will be hard to leave. I feel like a whole new person. In a lot of ways I am. I see a purpose in my life, which God developed in me while I have been here. I see how truly blessed I am to be a Christian who is from the United States. Not only to have Christ in my heart, but to be given so many opportunities that other people do not have, is truly a blessing from God.

A piece of my heart will forever be in Ghana. I have grown to love people from here. I have grown to love a way of life that seems to unimaginable from where I have been. I have grown to love the spirit of hope that people in the depths of poverty display in everyday life.

I am an American at heart. I long to be in a culture that is not bias based on gender. I long to be in a school who encourages critical thinking and diverse learning styles. I long to be able to have a desire for a burger and have it in my hands within ten minutes. I long to be able to be around the family and friends that have been my support system in my life.

I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I know that it will pass. I know that God will help me through these emotions. I know that I will rejoice in be glad in Him that I even got to come here and I have a place to return to.