I ::heart:: Rescue Remedy

I have a little issue with worrying and anxiety. I can work through a lot of the mental worries and anxiety that I have, but sometimes I just feel so anxious and I have no way of removing that feeling. My wonderful flat mate, Abbey, introduced me to Rescue Remedy. Her whole family has been using it for years! I am a firm believer in this amazing natural product. I have not only used the original Rescue Remedy, but I have also used the lozenges and the Rescue Remedy Night.

For the link to their website, click the title of this blog post!


I {heart} my Black Trench

It has gotten chilly here in Belfast. I am not a big fan of the rainy, cold weather. It has been seeping into my bones and giving me on again and off again colds for the past month. I however have enjoyed the chance to splurge and get myself a coat that actually is decent for the type of weather found here. After spending hours looking, there she was. A cute black trench that was water resistant. She also was ten pound off the price! As I brought her home and I tried her on again I looked at the tag that she had. "Wear it, Work it, Love it" was what it said. I have been obeying the orders listen on the tag. It has been worn. It doesn't take much to look stunning in this perfect black trench. I {heart} my black trench.


I {heart} Lush

I was introduced to Lush when I was on a visit to Chicago! This line of "fresh handmade cosmetics" is something that I am going to enjoy for the rest of my life! In Wisconsin there is only 1 store, which is in Milwaukee. There are several in the Chicago area! You can also order online! I did not add a photo, but I have started to use thier shampoo bars! My hair is insainly soft and still very full!

I bought a bar of citrusy soap last spring when I was visiting Chicago. It smells amazing, does wonders for the skin and last a long time! Nothing is better than that!

In the US they call these bath bombs (this photo was taken of the UK site). You place one in the bath water! It is great for the skin and it smells amazing! They also have shower bombs, which is what I use, and it truly gives you an amazing bathing experience!


gaze upon many wonders in distant lands

spy on those that walk across their path

display love, playfulness, anger, joy, sorrow…my soul

ache with weariness commencing hours of study

close to craft a moment of euphoric escape from unhappiness

lock into memory cherished moments


Band Aids and Sea Monsters

What do you say to those in pain? Everything seems…not right. I desire that one really good liner that will be the healing ointment; the band aid that fixes everything. Yet, as I search my soul I come up empty. Trying to stop the brain from wondering to the “what if’s” of life. It is a sick sick disease; craving something that will never be. Accepting life as it is would be best. Yet, acceptance is a fickle thing. Sometimes it is a breeze. Other times it is a treacherous ocean full of scary sea monsters. Asking someone to accept something seems so wrong. Almost like it would be tactless to do so, yet isn’t that the band aid that will bring healing to a scare. “It” will always be carried with them, but it does not have to cause them pain anymore. It is itch when the rain is on its way (funny how makes things like that happen).

To those whom are in pain:

I am right there with you. I feel pain too. “What if’s” do not heal. They bring pain. Try to focus on now. Accepting today for today; knowing life is a blink of the eye. Hold on to those you love. Try to love them more every day. Keep praying. And don’t give up!

Your shipmate, Katie


A Whole Lot of History

Over the 4th I went visited a friend, Kendall, who I studied abroad with in Ghana in the fall of 2007. I flew into NC and we drove to DC and to NYC. It was a crazy couple of days, but it was so nice to see a great friend again.

N(ew) Y(ork) C(ity)

The Big Apple...

Grace (seen in a photo with me in Time Square) bought Kendall and I 2nd row seats for the Phantom of the Opera. I was amazing! I could see the sweat on their brows! Thank you so much for that wonderful gift Grace!

Times Square...Such a CrAzY PlAcE!!!

Kendall looking around TS.

I love all the colors and all the different people.

Kendall and I

Grace and I. We stayed with Grace at her families home. She is such an amazing girl and was such a blessing! Thank you Grace for showing me such a wonderful time in NYC.

The NYPD blocked off the streets leading to the bridge where we needed to go to see the fireworks. They were trying to mainstream the crowds. So, we thought we would sneak through a parking lot. Well, it had a fence. We decided to crawl through the fence. We were one of the first through. Then a mob built. The NYPD came. We left.

NY City Fireworks.

The fireworks were even better because they were reflected on the buildings! It was like we were surrounded with fireworks.

I kept thinking how mighty she looks!

Shoes worn by a child in Ellis Island.

This was one the first views of Lady Liberty that I had. She is something to behold!
Did you know that she is only two pennies think?

The Great Hall of Ellis Island. This room holds so much history. Truly the historical Welcome Center for the US.

I am so proud to be a US American.

Photo taken of a window ark in the Great Hall in Ellis Island.

As I walked through Ellis Island I couldn't help but think of how many people have walked on these tiled floors. How each of them had a story. Each of them had so many dreams.

Let's just say...it was a crazy busy and super fun trip!


It Was a Zoo-Rific Time

Several ladies from my ladie's bible study came up to Madison today with all the little girls in their lives! It was great to share this afternoon with them!