Small Group

Books are In!

Yesterday the books came in!  I was a bit worried they would not get in one time.  I ordered them on Thursday and received free shipping, which claimed they would arrive in 5 to 14 business days.  Well, it was six business days until the study; cutting things a bit close.  I am so excited for Tuesday!  I am excited to see transformation in the hearts and lives of myself and these wonderful women who are in the small group!  It already seems like God is bringing a couple of "issue" areas in my life to the surface, just in time for this study!

Have to Start Somewhere... 
I will be facilitating a small group this fall for "20-Something" gals!  It has been really neat to see how God has designed and established this group, so I of course want to share all about it!  When I first moved to the La Crosse area in January 2010, I was able to get connected with a group of believers through my church and was invited to attend a small group.  I was so excited to make some friends and grow in my relationship with Christ!  There was just something off about it and it was really frustrating.  Well, throughout the summer the concept of a "20-Somethings" group forming at my church came up and we went for it!  Several "20-Somethings" gals asked if there were any small group opportunities available and we kept having to say no.  There were also not a  lot of other ladies small groups that worked well for them!  The whole situation seems very sad and unfortunate; it was at that point that I started to feel a stirring in my heart regarding forming a small group!  After seeking some council, praying, and talking with a couple of the gals who inquired I felt God confirming that He was leading me in that direction.  Small group was started.  This fall we will be going through "When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight for Joy" by John Piper.  It will be a DVD, personal workbook, and discussion study.

It is my prayer that each of us in the study will fall more in love with God!  
That we will find out delight and joy in Him.

It is my prayer that anyone who reads my words realize they are experiences glimpses into my heart.  That they will see my desire for Christ and that they will grow in their desire for Him!  That they will fall more in love with God!