Problematic Feet and Legs

Yesterday was a wonderful and beautiful day! A friend came up to visit me for the day and we went to Blue Mound State Park for a hike. The weather was wonderful and there was very few people on the trails! There were two lookout towers. The first was overlooking the countryside, which made me realize why I love this state so much. The second was the country, but you could see in the far off distance the State Capital. It was breath taking. I can say without a doubt that I look forward to doing more hiking in the future!

Here is the relation between the wonderful day of hiking and the title of this blog. I cannot remember the last time I have ever been this sore in my life. Not only am I sore, I have two really large blisters on the base of the my arches on my feet. It is sort of funny because even though I feel like I am waddling all over the office today, I still would love to relive yesterday ten times over...even if it means that I have ten more sore days!