Not My Day :(

Today has been one of THOSE days! I tried to clean out my car this morning only to spill coffee all over. I was a little glad because usualy one bad thing happens to me per day. So I was glad to get it over with. So, I drive to school and get out of my car. I was really cold so i got my jacket out of my back seat and set my bag down inside the car so that I could get my jacket on. yeppers. The door closed and everything...I mean everything was locked inside my car!
So, I go to the main desk at my college only to find a clueless person working the counter. All he does is hand me a phone book. I informed him by meaning everything got locked in my car...that would include a phone. So, he tells me where I can use a phone. I call my mom and inform her and she said to try and find out how much it would cost to get my door unlocked. forty-five dollars. Give and take that isn't a horrible amount for Madison, but for a poor college student such as myself. It is two tanks of gas for petes sake!
So, I go to the security office here at school and God gave me a HUGE blessing. The man allowed me to call my mom and get the AAA number so it would be free. He also called the towing place because he used to be a cop and he has inside sources so that I could use my moms card. I was very happy! the towing company came and fixed everything for free. I was so happy. I can only say that the Lord answered that prayer.
I side not to this is that my mom had thought I was in Evansville and she called the good old Evansville Police Officers to come to my rescue. I am thankful i have a mom who surely goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her daughter out. Thanks mom... I hope you had a better day....


A Ban on Gay Marriage?

Currently I am in a Speech class and for our next speech we need to come up with a judicial claim and support it. I was originally going to do a blow off speech on school uniforms decreasing school violence. Until I was motivated to take a political and moral stance in regards to the Marriage Amendment. Two girls in my class are doing speech on why people should vote no. Being a fan of this new amendment I feel very strong about sharing the other side.
This blog is two fold. First, please pray for me as a gather my thoughts and start to put this speech together. I am rather scared that I am going to misrepresent myself and also my biblical views on this issue. Second, that God would work in the hearts of the students that they would see the importance of defining marriage in our state.
Also if any of you have any advice or sources that could be of help I would be very grateful!


Happy Birthday

Julia! I hope you have a very happy birthday! I praise God for you and trust that He will continue working in your life by drawing you closer to Him! In Him, Katie


You've Been Ghosted

Okay, I can not help myself from divulging this story. This is one of the funniest things that have ever happened. The Benish family was ghosted this past week which means and anonymous person left candy on their door step with a explanation of why and a picture of a ghost on it! I went over to the Beautiful Benish’s house for a bible study on Sunday and then Morgan and I went out to dinner. Since the night was young and so are Morgan and I we started to hatch a plan of dropping off more candy on their doorstep and fleeing yet again.
So, we bought our candy. Well low and behold we had nothing to put the candy in. So, I tell Morgan to look kin my glove compartment and try to find something. Well, we found this dirty used sock…. And decided to use it. So we went to the house and snuck by the front door. Dropped the candy filled sock…rang the door…and ran! After about twenty minutes or so of driving around we came back Morgans and went inside.
Upon entry we heard this weird story of something leaving a dirty candy filled sock on their door. It was even more shocking when they blamed it on my pastors family (whom live across the street). Yet another plan was made to return the sock to the “rightful” owners. Kenzy actually returned the sock where our pastors son retrieved it looking rather clueless about why a candy filled sock was left on their doorstep. Then Morgan and I got all the enjoyment about having played two pranks on her family in one night! Good Job Morgan…That was the BEST! Sorry to the Swanson’s I am sure you will all have an understanding and forgiving heart!


I Can't Wait for Christmas!

I don't know about you, but I am super excited about Christmas this year. I love the spirit of the season and also how Christians aroudn the world have a chance to gather together as church families and worship the Lord! Also, this Christmas I am going to have so much fun with Morgan as we make and give out goodies to our friends! I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be over so Christmas music will start playing on the radio! This is rather sad too because it hasn't even been Halloween yet... Oh, well. That's life!

As soon as I saw this photo I thought of all the Christian people that God has placed in my life who have helped me come up out of sin into a closer walk with God. I thought I would share it with you.


To The Birthday Girl!

I am so thankful that I got to spend your birthday with you! The cake was amazing and the fellowship too. Congrats on your A too! I can't wait to develope our friendship and mentorship for next couple of years. Thank you so much for all that you have gone. In Him, Katie

An Update

I haven’t written in a while and I need to be forgiven. I also said in bible study that I blog instead of journal, which is true, but even if I was journaling I would still have forgotten to write. So, I think I should be redeemed of my transgressions. I will make a list of all the things that have happened and promise to keep writing!
 My car was hit and is now going to be fixed…The Lord was so good in that he answered prayer to make known who did this and that I wouldn’t have to pay for it. (turns out it was the sweetest lady in my church)
 I moved back home with my mom! I am so thankful that I have a mom who is proud of me for doing what is right and who is always encouraging me in the Lord. Thanks mom!
 I changed bible study from Dr. Wojo to the Benish’s! Boy oh Boy was that a change! I am thankful that I have a church family who meets to study His truths and word and that I can be a part of that growing process.
 I went to a barn yard dance! Lets just say that that was a lasting memory!
 School is School. I am currently working through the mazes of mid-terms. But, God is so good and I think that I have a good handle on all of them. With His help of course.
I think that is about it! Wow! So much time has gone by without a lot of substantial things happening. I don’t know to be sad or glad. Until next time!