Visual Update of My Life

My mom and I during Oktoberfest! I had a great time with my brother and mom this weekend...yummy brats too!

Me (My friend Joelle took this on her new camera)
This was taken at the barn dance!

A little girl from my church and me! She is such a little cutie! My church has a barn dance every fall! I love her pink cowgirl hat!

An amish woman selling baked goods to some Bikers! I got a good laugh out of this!
This was taken on a road trip my mom, grandma and I went on to drop my grandma off in IL for a week at her sisters house!

Horses from my visit to Old World Wisconsin!
I helped organize a trip to Old World Wisconsin with the First Year Forum I am co-teaching!


wisonsin sunset

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oktoberfest fun

This last weekend was Oktoberfest and I was able to spend the weekend with my mom and brother. On Friday we went down to the fair grounds and had a beer and listened to the polka music. It was amazing weather and a ton of fun! I was also able to have much needed mom time. You know when you are home when you feel so safe just to be yourself and let the things that have been building up inside of you to flow out. I am so thankful that I have a mom who will not just listen to my woes, but she is always wanting to do something to help or fix it(even when this gets me mad) it shows me how much she loves me.

With fall comes those sore throats and runny noses. I guess I am no exception to that tradition. Thankfully I was also able to get almost 12 hours of sleep last night...I feel asleep at 7:30 (that is a record)!