My Northerm Irish Adventure

I am starting a new blog **no worries I am keeping this one for personal and spiritual blogging** My new blog is going to just be about the experiences, thoughts and feelings I have before during and after my study abroad experience in Northern Ireland. I wanted to share with my college community the types of experiences a person who studies abroad has. You are welcome to follow me as I take the next journey in my life! (click on the title to this post to visit my new blog)


With all my love...

Many of my dear friends who have been studying at my college are have left or are leaving very shortly. Even though many of them have not been in my life for a very long time, it is hard for to me picture my life without them! Thankfully I will be able to visit most of them with I am in Northern Ireland and can't express my excitement for that! Here is a photo from our final night out on State Street! Thank you so much for making this semester so much fun and a time of many laughs and great growth! I love each of you!


Happy Day, Mom!

Dear Mom,

I am so thankful for you! You help me to live, learn and grow. You are my best friend. Someone that I am 100% myself around. You love in my bad times, you comfort me during the valleys and you cheer for me I am at the top of the mountains. I love you!

Your, Katie B

Niamh & Pj

My dear friend Niamh has been parted from her "special" friend all semester while she was studying abroad at my school. I edited these photos of the two of them as a special little gift! I am so excited

Booking Flights...

I have booked my flight for Northern Ireland. I will be leaving on August 19th and spending the weekend with Niamh. I will then head to Paris to spend a week with Audrey. I have also booked a flight to London for the last weekend of September with Niamh to visit Audrey for her birthday! I will soon be booking a flight to Slovakia. A trip is the in the works to go to Rome with all the Edgewood students who will be studying abroad in Europe in the fall. During my mom’s visit over Christmas we will be going to London, Dublin and touring Germany. There is also a chance to meet up with a friend in Egypt or the United Arab Emirates. As I think about all of these plans and as I think about the adventures ahead of me I can’t help but feel overwhelmed that I am able to get this chance and overwhelmed with the feelings of excitement that I am about to such an amazing experience. I am so excited to be able to continue to develop the friendships that I have made this semester and continue to grow in my knowledge and abilities in interacting with people of different cultures. I am truly blessed.