Missing You....

Kendall, Kristin and I in London...our last moments together!

When Friends Get Married

1st.... Congrats to my good friend Hilary on her engagement! I am so happy for you and I am sure that God will bless you and your husband serve Him! Hilary is a student at Bob Jones and we lived accross the hall from each other. Our friendship was such a blessing to me. She is getting married May 24 to her man, Sam, who is an evangelsit! God has answered all of her prayers in regaurds to Sam and this marriage! I am so amazed with how good God is!

2nd.... It doesn't seem possible that I have good friends of mine married or getting married! I know that i desire it. I know that I want it. I just don't know about it. I know it is not the right time for me, due to my lack of relationship with a male, but I just wonder if I can handle it. It seems like such a BIG thing. It seems like all the little things in my life can be Big things. I know that I just need to live for today and not worry about tomorrow. So, I am going to try not to think about it too much.

3rd.... I am thankful to God that he has preserved me. I know that I can get drawn to a person because I want the image of that person and me together. That there are characters that person has that draw me in a way that could lead to trouble, but God is looking out for me. I am so thankful that he has not allowed me to make my feelings into actions. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me and who the right person is when he brings him along.


Missing and Thanking

Things that I am missing about Ghana...
1. The kabob stand and the sausage that I was addicted to...

2. Pineapple...until I went to Ghana I had no idea that someone could eat a whole pineapple themselves in one sitting...plus a whole pineapple was only sixty cents

3. Being so hot that a cold shower sounds great! I am so cold that the idea of taking off my clothes...even if it is to enter a hot shower...is a little scary

4. Kendall and Kristin...my two good Christian friends that I made in Ghana...

5. Eveylen's (Devilyn) ice cold water

Things that I am Thankfull to be away from and to have in the US...1. Ghanaian men...I do not feel like I am an object that men just prey on when I am here

2. Coffee and a varity of food that is amazing to my palet

3. Christmas, snow, friends and family...the Swanson's put up their Christmas tree and it smelt wonderful! I could have cried

4. Going into a store and being able to just shop and not be bothered about anything!

5. Being away from my established Christian support system...God was so good to preserve me from evil while I was in Ghana even though I had moments of tempation