Life is good when...

YOU HAVE A PUPPY! I finally talked (well, I didn't really have to talk her into much)my mom into getting a puppy for our new home. He is three months and two days old, a mix between a pug and rat terrier, and he is such a good little guy. Oh, his name it Charlie! or Charley! (Any suggestions?) I don't know which way I want to spell it yet. When I get some good pics of him I will post them.
I am also learning how selfish I am. not only with my time and energy, but in my attitude. Having this little guy rely on me for everything has been teaching me soooo much about myself. **The above dog is not my! I do not have any pics of him on the computer, so I thought I would give you a look- a- like image to compare him with. But, Charley or Charlie is much more handsome than the one in the above photo!)


Our Youth Today

I work through the YMCA at a little youth center in my home town. I first want to say that I love to work their. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me paid well, and I am learning so much about myself through this job. But, I am so scared for what the world is going to be like in twenty years. I have seen a side of "childhood" that is not only sickening, but scary. Morals and self worth are not being taught. I am not even saying in a biblical way, but a human type of way either. All people need to have self worth. We are creatures of God who should treat ourselves in a way the displays Christ likeness. But, that is not what I am seeing. I wish I could tell you what I have been hearing and seeing, but I can't bring myself to even type the stories of sensuality and disgusting things that the middle school students I work around are doing. I need to pray for the future of our country and the morality that is going to be needed in order for Christ to be declared. I am sorry that this is so mumble jumbled, but I ask you to pray for my work here and pray for the souls of all the kids I come into contact with.