A Winter Wonderland

This Christmas was great...don't get me wrong! I have not spent Christmas with my Grandma Metcalf in years, so that was really really special! But, isn't Christmas supposed to occur
in December, not April? I am just thankful that their is much more to
Christmas than just the winter wonderland aspect. I just wonder what
Easter is going to be like. Are we going to have to wear parka's and
snowshoes? I dread the thought. Well, all in all I hope you got your
fill of great cookies and a lot of laughs.

(I fell in love with this photo I found, so I had to post it...)


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! It is amazing how the birth of one little baby boy
could change the world forever. The joy that Mary must have felt when
she held he baby. Did she evercomprehend who she was holding, feeding,
baby talking to, cuddling? Her baby boy is the Savior, the perfect
Lamb, who came to earth to set His people free. There is so much tocelebrate as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.


The Thing About Women and Their Mouths

I personally love being a female. It has a lot of good benefits. I get to experience
having another live inside of me. It is up to my husband (if and when
he may come along)to make the final say. (my friends willattest for me that I will make decisions when i have to, but I would prefer to come to a group
decision with someone else making the final call) I also get the random
guy who still respects women enough to open the door for them...and
keep it held open until you whole body goes threw the door. (That has
happened more than once when I got so excited that a random guy was
being so nice to hold the door open for a girl and then when I am half
way threw he lets go...arg)

All the nice things aside, women are
caddy and mean. I know there are those few that will never say anything
mean about someone else just to makethemselves look better. But, as I sit in my schools cafe and listen into the conversations of women around me. It is all destroying others to make themselves look good. The worst part about all of this is that I do it too. I am the chief
of sinners for putting others down to put myself up. I need to see
Christ in everyone. Then again maybe I am just sitting around caddy
women and across the room are the ones who do not participate in
degrading others.

Sorry if this is 100% random. As I was eating my lunch I just couldn't believe what i was hearing.


A Favorite Christmas Song

In light of Pastor John's recent sermons on Hebrews, my favorite song this Christmas is Hark the Harold Angels Sing. Truly, Christ is above the angels because from the time of his birth they were signing his praise! I also like the glory part when you have a lot of people signing all four parts really strong. It is enough to send chills!


A Favorite Christmas Memory

One of my most favorite Christmas memories happened last year. Since I went to school in South Carolina last year, I flew home for Christmas. I was so excited I could hardly wait. When the captain said that there was going to be a slight delay when we arrived in Chicago I got a little nervous. I had a connecting flight to Madison and would hate to have missed it!
But, as we finally prepared to land the captain flew us out over Lake Michigan! I had the privilege of being on the side of the plane that faces the city skyline. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The lights of Chicago and Navy Pier will always be sketched into my mind.
Looking back on that sight I cannot imagine of how much better Gods kingdom will be. It makes me just as excited to go see my eternal home, as it was to see my earthly home that winter night!
( I did make my flight to Madison that night )


Thoughts on God's Grace

While reading on of John Pipers books I upon the thought of why God doesn't always seem to answer prayer or give the kind of grace I know I need. The answer is that God is so much bigger than me. He knows myself and my needs more than I know myself and my needs. Thus, He gives us only what we need when we need it and in the form that most glorifies Him. because at the end of the day it is all about the glorification of Christ, not the glorification of myself.