Mr. Snow Man?

As I drove to work I saw this...

...Needless to say it was a picture moment!


Snow Day!

Yesterday, due to freezing rain and 9 inches of snow, Edgewood College closed its doors and gave everyone the day off! It was wonderful to sleep in until 11. To stay in my pajamas all day. To venture outside only to take photos with my amazing Canon Rebel XS. To finish a paper and make a major dent into a project. To tidy up my kitchen. And to catch up with some friends whom I haven't talked in a while.

Pictures coming soon...


10 Things that Go Missing

1. My planner...you would think the one thing that allows me to know what is going on would be something that I would never be misplaced. Well, think again.
2. Socks...I swear that the drying is eating them or they are growing legs and walking away!
3. Sticky Notes...I write a ton of noted to myself. It is so frustrating when you wrote yourself a note and left it somewhere to remind you of something and then when you need to be reminded you can't find the note to remind you.
4. Words...I often can not remember a word (I know it happens to everyone), but at 21 years of age it should not be happening this _____, what is the word I am looking for? That's right...often!
5. Eye Brow Pluckers...Everytime I need to pluck I have to buy a new one because my old one is MIA!
6. Jewelery...I really don't want to get started on this.
7. Money...So, it really don't go missing, but it does drain sometimes surprisingly quick.
8. Time...Too many things to do with too little time to do it! The worst is when I go to my moms for a long weekend and it seems like a couple of minutes later I am having to leave.
9. Reciepts...I am not good at keeping track of them...and when I try it seems like my wallet is busting at the seams, but that one I am looking for itsn't there.
10. Taking time to smell the roses...between school and work my fun times are missing from my life. I need to remember to not live to work, but work to live.


In You Alone...

The sermon this morning was a blessing to me. Recently I have been struggling in my relationship with Christ. I have been going through a time of suffering. I also have been allowing bitterness to grow into anger. Towards others, but mainly toward God. The sermon was based out of Acts 5:27-42 and was title God's Saving Purposes Prevail Through Joyful Suffering. I knew as soon as I sat down I was in for it. Here were the four main points:

1. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they rejoice in doing the will of God.
2. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they have been saved by a suffering and exulted Savior.
3. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because they know God determines the amount and kind of suffering.
4. Obedient Christians suffer with joy because their highest joy is Christ.

Needless to say, I fall short in so many ways. I often do not rejoice in doing the will of God. I look at it as an obligation that I must fulfill. I am often angry and bitter towards God about the amount and kind of suffering that He allows to happen in my life. I also, ashamedly, do not find my highest joy in Christ. I find it in things that will someday parish. Although I know I lake so much. Christ has died for me. He has been the sacrifice. I know that I do nothing in myself that pleases God. The only thing about me that God has delight in is Christ. For the first time in a long time I want Christ. I wish I lived by a mountain because I feel like climbing one and shouting his name to all the nations! What an amazing God I have!

"Seeking you like a precious jewel
Lord to give up I'd be a foul
You are my all in all"


A Little Late on Giving Thanks

I realize that Thanksgiving as come and gone...

I was being lazy and had my nose in a book the whole weekend. I have so much to be thankful for. I have been given so much. I have been given a wonderful education. I have an amazing job that allows me to pay by bills. I have very good friends who keep it real. I have been given a family who lives me for who I am. A mom who is my best friend. The chance to follow my dreams and conquer the world. Last, but not least, I have a Lord who has given himself for me.


10 Things I Need to Do to Finish the Semester

1. Eat, sleep and try to be merry
2. Write two papers
3. Interview three more people for one of the two papers
4. Work every weekday in the next two weeks...40ish hours total
5. Take five exams
6. Move...pack, plan, store
7. Shop for a couple gifts I still need to get
8. Write my proposal for my independent study
9. Apply to study abroad in Northern Ireland
10. Not go crazy!!!


Flying By...

School is flying by.
Nearly there...
Nearly to the end of another semester.
Trying to stay strong.
Trying to get through the terbulant winds of papers, projects and exams.

Soon I will land.
Soon rest will come.