Middle of a Highway

The middle of a highway in the middle of Mongolia. That single shot captures so much. To me it is loaded with meaning. Some of it ironic. Some of it painful. Some of it wonderful. In that moment the the world seems to be moving so slowly. Although I felt like I was loosing my breath, everything was under my control. The world around me seemed carefree. I was lost and didn't know it. It was the calm before the storm. It was the rest before the test. I didn't realize what was in store. I am not that girl anymore. I shine with a new hue of gold, that did not grace me before. I look at that girl with a type of pity. The journey took her so long. She stumbled and fell down the valleys and crawled up the mountain. The thoughts of being back at that moment entice me. I know better then to wish it. I am better off here. That moment in time is long gone. It is for the best. That moment in time when I sat in the middle of a highway in the middle of Mongolia.


Beauty from a Brother

My brother and I rarely see eye to eye. Do not get me wrong, I would lay down my life for him. I stumbled upon these photos that he took this past summer on a road trip to Washington. I never knew that my brother could take such beautiful photos. For this weeks Ugly to Attractive I am displaying the photos my brother took. To display that sometime my ignorance of others talents and assumptions of their lack of ability (ugly thoughts) and lead to the discovery that even a brother can capture beauty in a moment through a lens (beautiful thoughts). I love you Matt and Happy belated Birthday!

(used with permission)


Attractive Feet

I do not like feet. It would a great thing if I never had to touch another foot again. They are dirty. They are ugly. I was curious if I could take some photos of my feet and make them look attractive. And this is what I cam up with! Of course it did take a good deal of editing, but I think I successes in my goal.

A new photo challenge to myself: to take photos of things I find unattractive and make them attractive.



This Winterm I am taking Art Structure, which has proven to be a lot of fun! Today we took simple paintings that we did yesterday and added texture to them. I learned a lot of great new techniques! Tomorrow we have to make a book out of all the techniques we learned throughout the week! I am sooo excited!

Warm Snowy Fun

Lydia and Bekka

Bekka and I

I was able to meet up with some dear friends for a day in Wisconsin Dell's Wilderness Lodge. We had such a great time catching up!