Thankful for Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but Holidays are such a great reminder of all I have to be thankful for. Independence Day reminds me to be thankful that God allowed the United States to be made free from the rule of the English Throne and for that point the Church of England too. Christmas is a time to give thanks to God for giving us a baby who was born of a virgin and is heir to the most powerful throne ever! Easter is a time to thank Christ for going to the cross for our sins. He suffered, died and rose again all for someone like me. I can never fully thank God enough for that.

I want to share one of the many things I am thankful to God for. The past three years of my Christian walk I have been blinded by pride, legallistic teaching and so very many other sins. All the while I thought myself so much better than the average Christian. I am so thankful for God using His Sheep to bring me back to the fold. I have been exposed to many Chirstian within the past year who God used to teach me the truths of His word. I still struggle with many sins, but I see God in a whole new light. He is the only thing that is truly good in my life. I have nothing to boast for anymore. (Even though I do find myself high on the totem pole sometimes--> sadly enough) Christ has rules as a Christian you need to fallow. Such as the ten commandments, but Christ leads others to truths and ways of living. I am so Thankful that God is working in my life to draw me closer to Him.

We serve a great great God. Thanks be to Him!


The Marriage Speech

As I have posted earlier I am doing a speech on the Marriage Amendment here in Wisconsin. My thesis was that the Wisconsin Marriage Amendment is a protection of democracy and of our moral character. Well, just a few moments ago I gave the speech and for the most part it went really well. One girl told me she was thankful that I wasn’t all about telling people to vote no and that I made a very clear argument on looking at this amendment from a legal perspective. I think she is even going to vote yes! God was so good and calmed a lot of my nerves. Our God is such a great God!