17 Days!!!

I leave for Africa in only 17 days. I am pretty emotional right now. Mainly because when I return home my life will be forever changed. My mom is going to be moving to LaCrosse while I am away. This means that when I come back from Ghana I will be moving into my own apartment and I will be a couple hundred miles away from my mom. I think the unknown is still extremely scary. I don't know where I am going to store all of my belongings. I don't know how God is going to allow me to change...will I be a completely different person.

I realize that this isn't the best thing, to worry about everything. It is my sin nature. I worry! I know a couple of my sister in Christ read my e-mails. So, I need your prayers. Please pray the fallowing for me and my trip...

~That I would continue to grow in Christ
~That I would have safety in all aspects of my stay in Ghana
~That I would trust Christ for a couple of hard things going on in my life
~For good health
~That I would use the time away from friends and family to grow in my dependence in Christ for all my needs...that he will become more of my all than he is right now
~That I would not worry, but rest in the Lord


Harry Potter

I am currently waiting for the final Harry Potter book to arrive at my home via Amazon.com. Before I read the book I am going to make a couple predictions.

~Harry Godfather, Serius (I think that spelling is right, but I don't want to take a chance of finding out what happens if I search his name) is not dead and somehow returns

~I think Harry will be the one that lives, but his friendships are the key to that...sort of like what happened before

~I think Snape is actually good...maybe?

~I think Ron and Hermonie end up together...and Harry and Ginnie!

This isn't everything, but I hope that these all happen...it would make my weekend!


I Didn't Get Sick, I Got Hurt

Yesterday I went to my grandma's house to go boating and skiing yesterday afternoon. I had trouble getting the boat into reverse, so my dad got pretty upset with me and came down to back the boat out. When I went to drive up to the dock to let him out he yelled at me because the boat was going to hit the pier. So, I stick my hand out to push the boat away from the pier, but my fingers got smashed between the boat and the pier. So, needless to say I went to the emergency room to get it checked out.

I didn't break anything I just got a minor cut and major soft tissue and some possible tendon damage. The doctors put my middle finger in a split for a couple of weeks and gave me some medication for the pain! My finger is still about three times its normal size and is in the process of changing colors. I still cannot bend it! Please pray that this will heal before Africa! I feel like such a lame duck!


I Don't Wanna Get Sick

On Friday I went to the travel clinic at the Rock County Health Department to receive my vaccines for my trip. I got the Yellow Fever shot, Adult Polo booster, Hep. A, Prescription for Malaria pills, and Typhoid pills. Basically I am now a walking virus.

I thought the worst part would be the shots, but I haven't been feeling very well since I got the shots. I am worried that my last month here isn't going to be the fullest and best because I am going to get sick because my immune system is in shock. So, please pray that I stay in good health and that my body is strong enough to fight off any bug that I pick up on top of my other vaccines.


Single, three years left, and living at home

When I was in high school I had goals and dreams of where I would be when I hit certain ages. One being twenty, which I am at now! I planned that I would be dating (hopefully in a serious relationship), I would be half way through my undergrad degree, and that I would be living on my own (meaning that I wouldn't be so dependent on my mom).

All three of these goals are not a reality in my life. I am not dating anyone and haven't sense my sophomore year of high school. This is a really hard matter for me to trust God because I have such a strong desire to get married and glorify God through marriage and family, but of various personal circumstances (of self-esteem and also hesitancy to put myself out there)I have been feeling discouraged. I also planned to be half way through college. It seemed easy enough, but in my transfer from schools I lost all of the credits from Bob Jones. I am now just a sophomore in College. I also planned on being independent and away from my mom. This year started out like that, but in October some circumstances arose that forced me to move back home. At the time I was grateful for the move back into a more comfortable living environment, but being an adult and living with my mom has had some major ups and downs.

I had been feeling very down out where my life is and wishing that many this were changed around, but a friend of mine who got married and moved away came back to Wisconsin and reminded me of God and his sovereignty. She told me that I needed to be careful not to wish for things so badly that I would miss out on wonderful this God has in store for me on the "detours" from my will. It caused me to think about my life and how I still can find fullness through Christ, even though things are not working out as I ordained them to.


A long lost photo

I found this photo in a long lost folder in my computer...brings back memories!!

A little over a month away

Last night I went with Joelle and Leise to pick up Julia from the airport in Madison, which is where I will be flying out of to go to Ghana. I basically started to cry thinking about leaving all the ones that I love and that love me. I then thought about how fun and exciting it is going to be to see them again after soo long. I know that I will change and that my views on life in general and my life specifically will be changed, but part of me is scared that I will not fit back into my life anymore.
I know that going to Africa is the right move and that if I didn't go I would always live with the what-if's. I am fearful of all the things that can happen here in the states and to my family that will be out of my control. I know I wouldn't be able to stop anything from happening, but what about not being there when something important is going on. I realize that I shouldn't live in fear, in fact God commands us not to. The emotions are just flooding over me. I am so excited and joyous, yet I am so scarred and hesitant.
I am also seeing some friends that I haven't seen in months tomorrow, and I know that as touchy as our relationships have been, will I be able to hold on to our closeness! I also know that this will be the last time I see them before I go to Africa. I wish I could transplant all those who make me laugh during hard times and allow me to cry on their shoulders to Africa with me. Basically what I am trying to say is that I will miss all my friends, blood family and Christian family so deeply while I am away. **I am starting to cry at this point**
It is also my promise to blog at least weekly starting now! I want you all to feel connected to me while I am away and I want to hear all about you guys!!!! One month...ahhh...I can't believe it!