I am leaving on a jet plane and I won't be back until December!!! I have given my blog out to a lot of people, so I hope you all are checking it out! I am feeling pretty good today, seeing as it hasn't hit me what I am about to do. I am feeling a little nervous about goodbyes. Yesterday I received two gifts that sparked some wetness in my eyes, but I didn't cry! It has been amazing to see the support that has been given to me. God has blessed me with amazing friends and fellow beleivers to worship Him and grow with. (I am trying not to get choked up right now) I will blog as soon as I get to a computer!


A Week From Today I Will Be in Ghana!

I am under a week! If all goes well I will be in Ghana, asleep, by this time next week! I am really excited about going, but as I start to say goodbye I know it's going to be a hard time. So, this is what I am going to be doing with my last week in the States for a couple of months. I plan on eating all the corn on the cob I can get my hands on! I also need to finish shopping and finish packing. This is going rather well, but the more I pack the more I realize I still need to pack! I only have a few things left on my life. Mainly medications that I might need and some hygiene products. The most important thing is a need to get all of my furniture in storage somewhere. I have a few leads on a couple of storage units and peoples houses that said I could store some things there, but overall I really don't have any place to store my things and I have less than a week to find a place and get my things moves in!!! I am also sick! I have a cold that is leaving me tired and a little grumpy! Other than my complaints things are going really well for me!