Life as I Know It

I realize it has been a while since I have blogged. To he honest it seems like I have lived a whole since then. I feel like I just need to do an update on on the life I have been living.

During the end of spring and through the first couple months of summer God used a couple of different things in my life to show me that I want just about anything more than I want Jesus as my Lord and King. I know that I still and most likely will never fully learn this lesson and to be honest a lot of me doesn't want to learn it because of how the circumstances that God brings into your life that are used to teach those lessons. It is just so hard. I know and desire to be at the place I should be at in my walk with the Lord. I hold unto the truth that all things are for good for those who are Gods chosen. I am so thankful for that promise!

I am in my third and final year at Edgewood College. I will be graduating in August. No I do not know what I am going to do after I graduate. The world is basically at my finger tips. Here are the options I am concidering: working for the man at a business (thinking about EPIC), Peace Corps, Missionary Work for a year or so, Work in a college setting doing what I am doing now. So, pretty much whatever is placed on my lap I will do! Does anyone have anything or any suggestion?

I am taking 19 credits and working part time on staff at the Center for Global Education as my school. I am really enjoying the challenges or being pushed a little harder than what I prefer, but it is amazing all things that can be done! The classes I am taking are Spanish (I can't wait for this to be over I am so happy it is my last semester), earth science, communication and civilazation, mass media studies, I am teaching a first year forum and I am doing my internship. It was a workout even thinking and typing all of this (I am on my new iPhone).

Now you are up to date on my life...more to come soon