DONE...for a week

I love the feeling of being done with a school year! Not only does that mean that summer and all of its brilliance is here, but it also means that one more year of my "school phase of life" is complete. This past year has been amazing! God has taught and shown be so much about myself and about him! Just thinking that I started off this school year in Africa is crazy! It was truly a life changing experience. This Spring semester has been a little rocky. I have a whole new meaning of culture shock! I have never felt that school has ever been this demanding.

Well, I guess this reflection is going to be short lived due to my summer school schedule (6 credits). I know this will be well worth it when I have that diploma in hand!


The Case of the Giggles

Have you ever gotten the case of the giggles? Where nothing that funny really happens, but it just ends up tickling you pink. That was me yesterday! I just couldn't stop. Everything going on around me was "SOOO" funny! Oh, I love a good case of the giggles.