I Already Want to Pack My Bags

I have been placed at the University of
Ghana in Accra, Ghana. There are a couple of formalities that need to
still occur before everything is official,
but for the most part I will be going to Africa! I am very excited to
see God allow me to opportunity to study abroad. I do not know for sure
everything that is in store for me, but I trust that it will cause me
to be drawn closer to my Lord and Savior. So, I am asking prayer that
God will use this to draw me closer to Him, that I will stay faithful
to Him while I am gone from my wonderful Christian support system and that God will use this as a clarification of His purpose and will for my life.


Africa #2

I find out my tomorrow if Edgewood is going to nominate me to go study in Africa. If they do nominate me than it is almost guaranteed that i will be going there to study!!!

Please Pray

Green License Plates???

Currently the Wisconsin government is taking up the issue of having the
most extreme sex offenders have green license plates on their cars. The
behind this is that in elementary schools they teach to stay away from
poison by a little green monster called Mr. Yuk (I was never taught
this inEgderton
or anywhere else for that matter), so when children are going to see
these license plates they are going to put two and two together and not
going by the vehicle.
They want this because these sex offenders use their vehicles to commit
crimes. There are a couple of issues that I see with this:

1. green is universally the symbol of Go in America...this could cause some issues
2. child could be drawn to a fun color on the license plate of the vehicles if they are not taught to stay away
3. Why are these people allowed to drive cars if they are using them to commit their crime?
4. If these people are so bad, why are they not locked up where they can't do this again
5. the logic of the little green monster guy is not very logical because
kids use that symbol not as a dangerous one, but as a fun little
animated guy (I told my Health Communications teacher about this and
told me the teachings of Mr.Yuk failed because he was too fun and the
kids didn't view him as dangerous), so the chances of the kids making
the connective is sort of naive.

I think this idea is
generally a good one, but I think that there are major problem areas.
Also, what is to stop the sex offenders from using a relatives car or
stealing the license plates off of another car? Also, what about sex
offenders who did not commit a crime against a child? One of my
brothers good friends was on the sex offenders registry because he was
eighteen and dating a seventeen year old girl and they made a tape of
themselves doing sexual things. I just could not justify him having to
go through this kind of public humiliation anymore than he already has
had to. But, if it is going to save a child from getting attacked,
maybe it is better to take a more stern approach to letting the public
know who these people are.