I {heart} Lush

I was introduced to Lush when I was on a visit to Chicago! This line of "fresh handmade cosmetics" is something that I am going to enjoy for the rest of my life! In Wisconsin there is only 1 store, which is in Milwaukee. There are several in the Chicago area! You can also order online! I did not add a photo, but I have started to use thier shampoo bars! My hair is insainly soft and still very full!

I bought a bar of citrusy soap last spring when I was visiting Chicago. It smells amazing, does wonders for the skin and last a long time! Nothing is better than that!

In the US they call these bath bombs (this photo was taken of the UK site). You place one in the bath water! It is great for the skin and it smells amazing! They also have shower bombs, which is what I use, and it truly gives you an amazing bathing experience!