What Wonderful Friends...

I have some wonderful friends, who mean so much to me! My birthday started was welcomed by a paper which I worked on until three in the morning. It was filled with a long and tiresome day at work. It ended with a "surprise" party from my friends! The "surprise" was not so much of a surprise because they needed to borrow my pan to bake the amazing from scratch cupcakes that Audrey made! I received beautiful flowers (this is only the second time anyone has given me fresh flowers). I was also given the wonderful gift of a coupon to use when I am Paris and it is good for an entrance to a museum of my choice and my ticket to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower! I have been truly blessed with friends who I can laugh with, joke with and even cry with! I truly love you girls!!! Please enjoy my birthday flowers:


Owan said...

Lovely flowers!

The Eiffle Tower? How awesome is that? Have fun in Paris. :D :D

Sounds like one awesome birthday party. :) Have a great year,

Claire said...

you are blessed!

happy belated birthday!

Claire said...

It would be great to meet up with you Katie. Enjoy the summer before you come over. I am praying that God will prepare you in every possible way for His plans that He wants to accomplish through you here in Ireland.


Anonymous said...