My Updated Life!

Since I moved to Onalaska, WI in January, my life have been in constant transition. I finally feel like I am settling in to my new life! There have been a couple of additions and subtractions from my life.

Subtraction #1: A Certain Relationship
While in Ireland I met a boy from Wisconsin. I fell hard for him. Silly, I know! Well, needless to say (sense he is the subtractions category) that he is no longer a part of my in the a "romantic" sense. This is my second and deepest heart break experience. I know that this is God's will and honestly His mercy on my, which I am making a choice to praise Him for it!

Subtraction #2: My Independence
Moving back home is a HUGE transition. I love my family, but I love them even more when there is some distance between us! At times I think that an ocean is too vast, yet works very well to keep my sanity! On a serious note, I am learning a lot through this "subtraction" and I know that when all is said and done I will grow a lot through this.

Addition #1: A Bug
Yep, I got myself a little black bug. It has four wheels and and a really cute horn! It is the perfect time in my life to have my dream car!

Addition #2: My Church
I have found an amazing church family! Although I love my previous church family to bits and pieces, I am so thankful for my new church family. I feel very loved, excepted and challenged by them! We also were blessed with an amazing new Senior Pastor in April! His preaching has been such a source of growth in my life! God really loves me!

Addition #3: The Job
In April I was offered a position at the above Church. I am officially the "Youth Ministry Assistant". I love my job! I honestly never thought of youth ministry and I do not know if this is what God has for me long term, but I am enjoy it! I could not have asked for a better job, better employer, or better co-workers!

As challenging and stressful it is, life can be truly amazing! I can't think about what is waiting in eternity! Holy Cow, it's going to be awesome!


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WonTaek Chung said...

I love how you used the addition and subtraction =D I might use it as well hahaha

Yes, I love family as well =D